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Department of Nursing
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Department of Nursing at JFM CU in Martin

was established in the academic year 1990/1991 and has the longest tradition in higher education of nurses in Slovakia after 1989.

Academic degree in nursing at JFM CU is carried out in a full-time and a part-time study. Faculty provides university education in accredited nursing programs, in first (bachelor - Bc.), second (master - Mgr.) and third (doctoral - PhD) degree. Educational curricula are developed in accord with the European Commission and Government Regulation directives in quest of proficiency.

The quality of education in the publication activity also supports teachers. In recent years, individual authors or teams are involved in the preparation of several publications - monographs, university textbooks and proceedings from scientific conferences, scientific and professional articles, and other educational materials.

Various areas of nursing theory and practical care are solved via scientific research activities at Department of Nursing. Teachers are involved in local, national and international grant projects.

Since 1995, Department of Nursing regularly organizes international scientific conferences on education, theory and research in nursing.

Department of Nursing is a member of Florence Network, which is mainly focused on the promotion of nursing in the international context. Extensive representation of Department in international cooperation is accomplished via Erasmus project.

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