Fall risk assessment in hospitalized children

Anna Ovšonková, Michaela Miertová, Mária Zanovitová, Nikola Andreánska
Comenius University in Bratislava, Jessenius Medical Faculty in Martin, Department of Nursing


OVŠONKOVÁ, A. – MIERTOVÁ, M. – ZANOVITOVÁ, M. – ANDREÁNSKA, N. Fall risk assessment in hospitalized children. In Ošetrovateľstvo: teória, výskum, vzdelávanie [online], 2018, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 58-64. Available on:

Aim: The aim of study was to determine the presence of selected risk factors and the level of the fall risk in hospitalized pediatric patients.

Method: A record sheet was used to gather the empirical data, which included risk assessment tool Humpty Dumpty Scale – Inpatient.

Sample: The sample consisted of 100 pediatric patients (63 boys, 37 girls) admitted at the Clinic of Children and Adolescents of the University Hospital in Martin at the age of 8 months to 18 years. The average age of the children was 5.6 ± 4.96 years.  The fall risk assessment was carried out within 24 hours after the child was admitted to hospital.

Results: Of the risk factors for the fall, hospitalized children were: respiratory (54%), gastrointestinal (12 %), neurological (11 %) and psychiatric diseases (7 %), taking laxatives (12 %). Most children (69 %) were hospitalized with a family member. Additional risk factors included: established peripheral venous cannula (66 %), limited mobility (52 %), visual impairment (17 %), altered cognitive function (44 %), baby in the crib (51 %), diagnostic procedure in anesthesia (10 %). The assessment tool Humpty Dumpty Scale – Inpatient average score was at a high risk level of falling (13.65 ± 2.35). High risk of fall (≥ 12 points) was 79 % of children, average fall risk score was 14.5 ± 1.82.

Conclusion: The presence of fall risk factors in hospitalized children underline the need to address attention this issue. The use of the assessment tool has identified that most children are at high risk of falling, which could lead to further testing for real-time use under the conditions of our clinical practice. Numerous representation of high-risk children points to the importance of preventative measures.

Keywords: risk of fall, child, assessment, hospitalization, risk factors, Humpty Dumpty Scale – Inpatient

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Mgr. Anna Ovšonková, PhD.

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 19th November 2018