2011, volume 1, number 1


Dear readers, let me introduce the first issue of a new electronic scientific journal Nursing: theory, research, education to you. The journal is published as a quarterly in the Osveta Publishing House in Martin under the expert guidance of the Department of Nursing at Jessenius Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Martin.

Our aim was to establish a periodical that offers space for original research and theoretical works supporting the development of nursing profession and presents its interdisciplinary potential. Based on its intent it is directed mainly to nurses, academic and research workers in the nursing and its related branches such as midwifery, medical branches, psychology, sociology, bioethics and others.

We hope that the electronic form of the journal will allow fast approach and effective use of information and will become one of the most popular nursing journals in the future. Our aim is to bring new inspirations for those who need them in their work. We have tried to make the formal part as well as contents of the journal compatible with well-established nursing journals abroad.

We believe that the recentness and professional usability of the articles will address a wide range of readers as they are those who make a vital part of a first-class and interesting journal. I would like to address and claim potential contributors to publish, share and present their interesting experience, work in research and development, educational and clinical innovations.

The editorials of further issues will be written by the members of editorial board as well as important domestic and foreign experts. We will try to reflect current problems and results of nursing research.

I wish a lot of new inspirations to all the readers and a lot of success in preparation of next issues of the journal to the editorial board.

Katarína Žiaková


Education in Prevention of Diabetic Foot Ulcer and Amputation

Jana Nemcová, Edita Hlinková page  5

Comparison of Validation of Nursing Diagnoses Acute Pain in Czech and Slovak Republic

Renáta Zeleníková, Katarína Žiaková, Yvetta Vrublová, Darja Jarošová page 12

The Assessment of Education of Vascular - Surgery Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

Edita Hlinková, Jana Nemcová page 20

Family Eating Habits by View of Adolescent

Michaela Miertová page 28

Health Literacy - New Concept for Nursing Practice

Michaela Dingová, Tatiana Jakubcová page 34